The firm, 3Dots Consulting Services – Belgaum , Karnataka,, is a Civil Engineering Consultancy firm working in the field of River Valley Projects such as Irrigation, flood control, Water Supply Schemes for Residential Areas, Drinking Water Supply Schemes for city / villages (Urban/Rural), Lift Irrigation, Flow Irrigation Schemes Command Area Planning and Design, Rural Roads and Highways, Route surveys for gas and oil pipe lines, Topographical surveys for Wind Power Projects, Valuation of buildings etc. The firm undertakes survey, investigations, designs, and detail engineering and project management consultancy during execution periods

The firm, 3Dots Consulting Services, , is established in 2004. During last 14 years, the firm has carried out about Five Hundred plus consultancy and Survey assignments in various fields of Civil Engineering The list of consultancy jobs completed and in hand is detailed below.

In addition to the Consultancy Services, the firm has very good full-fledge in-house infrastructure for Topographical Survey and Investigations. So far we have carried out about more than 4000 Kilometers route survey for roads, water supply pipe lines, irrigation canals, High tension Power transmission lines, etc. and about more than 02, 00,000 Acres field survey for irrigation projects, industrial areas and Finalized about 12,800 W.T.G. locations for Wind Energy Projects and 650 MW Solar Energy Project.

We work with Modern Survey Techniques using instruments like Drone, DGPS, Intelligent Total Station Survey Instruments and Auto Levels, etc. We have experience of working with Satellite Imagery, Theo maps and SOI maps. We can deliver the output compatible to GIS processing or any other Technical Design Software
The firm has in-house up to date computer software and hardware facilities available required for the job. The Details are enclosed. Our in house technical staff includes Post Graduate, Graduate, Diploma and ITI Engineers plus qualified Surveyors. In addition to the in-house faculty, a number of senior consultants in various fields are associated with the firm.


Name : Sunil S. Jadhav.
Date of Birth : 22nd July 1979.
Qualification : B.E. (Civil) in the Year 2002.
PAN Number : AFAPJ2810E
A.M.I.E Number : Am097243-9, Chartered Engineer
Address : “ADITI” Plot No. 25, 191/1, Laxmi Nagar Hindalga Belgaum –591108
Karnataka, India
Occupation : Consulting Engineer
Experience :
  • Worked as Design Engineer for For Minimata Hasdeo Bango Project Bilaspur (Chattisgrah) India in Irrigation Field for 50,000 Ac. Gross Area.
  • Worked as Design Engineer for (Gas Transportation And InfrastructureLimited(GTIL)). For Uran – Kakinada Trunk Line Gas Pipeline for the Section near Rajmundry (Andra Pradesh) India, [sample work].
  • Worked as Engineer of Designs for a Wind Farm Project atsite Jaisalmer PhaseI (Rajastan) India.
  • Worked as Engineer of Survey for Topographical Survey of Muscat City in Muscat (Sultanate of Oman) for Waste Water Project.
  • Worked as Engineer of Survey for 15 Km Irrigation Line in Muscat City (Sultanate of Oman).
  • Worked as Engineer of Designs for a Wind Farm Project at site Jaisalmer Phase II (Rajastan) India.
  • Detailed survey, Investigation, Planning and Designs of Distribution Network for Lift and Flow Irrigation Projects.
  • Route Survey for Power Transmission Lines.
  • Route Survey for Gas and Oil Pipelines.
  • Route Survey of Railways and Highways, Planning and its Designs.
  • Topographical / Contour Survey for highly elevated Ridges.
  • Planning and Network Survey for Town planning Projects.
  • Design and Detailing for Reinforced earth walls (R.E. Walls), Gabion Walls In Geo – Synthetics fields.
  • Design of Treatment Plants and water supply schemes and its distribution networks.
  • Design and Detailing of Mini Dams.
  • Soil Investigation Testing and Quality Control.
  • Utility Survey for GIS Projects.
  • Valuation of immoveable structures.
  • F.R.L. Survey for Dams and Power Plants.
  • Civil Consultancy for Solar Plants.